Our working process

L.A.W. laat zich karakteriseren als een transparante, professionele en jonge organistie

Our working process

L.A.W. laat zich karakteriseren als een transparante, professionele en jonge organistie


L.A.W. is known for its transparency, professionalism, and youthful approach to legal services. When you submit an application, our team of legal experts springs into action. Upon evaluating your case, we will promptly reach out to you, without any obligation, to discuss the available legal options.

If you decide to engage our services after the initial conversation, you can benefit from our affordable hourly rate of €59 (excluding VAT). We believe in transparent pricing, and we will establish a predetermined final rate, ensuring that you never encounter any unexpected costs.

At L.A.W., we take pride in the expertise of our exceptional master students. For an hourly fee of €59, you will receive assistance from these highly capable and thoroughly screened individuals. Rest assured that only the best and most qualified master students will be assigned to your case.

For inquiries that demand a more specialized response, our team of master’s degree-holding specialists is available at a rate of €139 per hour. These seasoned legal professionals possess extensive knowledge across a broad spectrum of subjects and are experienced litigators.


With each member of our team specializing in different legal areas, we can provide comprehensive support across a wide range of legal matters. We are fully prepared to identify and address your unique legal concerns.

Step 01: Contact us

Visit our website and submit your legal query completely free of obligation. We guarantee that we will contact you within one business day, and there will be no charge for this initial contact.

Step 02: Free initial assessment

During the follow-up call, one of our specialists will carefully review the details of your case and explore the available legal options with you, all free of charge.

Step 03: Continued legal support

If you choose to proceed with our services after the initial consultation, we will be delighted to assist you at a rate of €59 per hour ex VAT. We will establish a fixed final amount in advance, ensuring complete transparency and avoiding any surprises.